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Tiffany Blackstone Photography employs two photographers, Tiffany and Andrew. All bookings guarantee Tiffany. Depending on the package or commercial agreement, Andrew will accompany Tiffany as a secondary photographer capturing clients' events from a different artistic perspective.


Tiffany has been shooting weddings, commercial, and marketing photography since 2006. Her work has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Woman's World, and multiple books, printed on billboards, and featured in the sales literature and marketing materials of an international Fortune 500 company and local businesses in Central Pennsylvania. She has been trained in 35mm film photography and darkroom developing as well as digital photography and Adobe Photoshop™ enhancement.


All Tiffany Blackstone Photography on-site bookings are shot in high-speed digital format on Nikon DSLR cameras through a variety of Nikkor lenses and a Nikon flash system. 


Although we focus primarily on shooting in York, Harrisburg, and Lancaster counties in Pennsylvania, we are typically able to travel within two hours (roundtrip) York, Pennsylvania for an additional fee. 


Wedding photography was our first passion. We understand that while we’re capturing the special moments of just one day of your life, we hope that the memories we help preserve will follow you through your lifetime of love with its ups and downs. Photographs posses an almost magical ability to emotionally draw people back to a moment frozen in time. It is our aim that through our work, as the years pass and the seasons change that the couples who were once our clients will always remember the commitment they made to love their special someone yesterday, today, and forever.


We value our work tremendously for all the reasons that we’ve explained and the quality that we seek to provide. However, we also aim to offer affordable options to our clients when they have a special moment that they wish to remember always. It’s our goal to please our clients by capturing the natural beauty of those special moments at a price that won't break their budget.


Commercial work has become an enjoyable facet of our business. From head shots, to product photography, to landscape stock images, to modeled clothing and accessories, our portraiture experience and marketing background deliver impressive results. Visit our Commercial Photography page for more information.

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